Training at Cultivate Wellness!

Cultivate Wellness is a small intimate functional training studio. There are several options when it comes to training at the studio. We offer group classes, one on one personal training sessions, couple’s sessions and our buddy sessions. Functional fitness to us is using our bodies the way they were created to be used. Using the seven primal movements such as push, pull, squat, lunge, twist, walk and hinge we create fun exercises to do in a group or private session. There is an option for everyone, and every exercise has alternatives from beginners to the more experienced. You have the option to have measurements and photos taken however we appreciate that this is not for everyone so there is absolutely no pressure for this to be done.

Below is a brief outline of how each session is run. Each class or session lasts between 45-60 minutes. They consist of strength, conditioning, cardio and body weight exercises using several training styles such as circuits, HIIT, tabata and EMOM. 

Group classes are capped at a 12 people per session.

One on one sessions are for those wanting to exercise in private. These sessions are tailored around your goals and fitness level.

Couples sessions are available for those that want to train with their partner, family member or friend.

Our buddy sessions are for three to five people. They are a semi-private session aimed at allowing small groups of friends and/or family to train together.

No matter how you like to train, or who you like to train with, we cater for everyone’s individualised needs.

To find out more call me now on 0427751148 or DM us on Facebook or Instagram as well.