Family sessions

Back in September the first of our beautiful daughters was married. Sarah married her childhood sweetheart Cody. They have been together for 10 years and have grown together. Cody has been by Sarah’s side for the past 10 years and was a massive support to her during her surgery 5 years ago. They have such a beautiful and fun loving relationship. Their wedding day was amazing. Everything was just perfect including the weather. Three weeks prior to their wedding they told their families that they were having their first baby. We were all so happy. Three months prior to their wedding we started what we call ‘family sessions’ at Cultivate Wellness. These sessions are done 4 times a week and they are for both our family and Cody’s family. The banter and fun at these sessions is so much fun. Michelle, Codys mum, just loves them. She especially loves wall sits -NOT. We have a lot of fun and not everyone turns up every day but for the most part it is a full house on Monday and Thursday nights. Cultivate Wellness is all about family and we pride ourselves on making everyone feel like part of the Cultivate Wellness family.